Since 1996, SOS Chefs has evolved, but at the same time kept the same initial instinct to be the best, efficient, and original.  Our product selection started with a few items that have become hundreds, and thousands if you count all the random requests that have landed on our desk.  If you can think of all the special requests we have had- from kilos of white truffles that had to get to a far off place, 200 peking ducks for a surprise banquet at a midtown hotel, to a special water for a room service request that is only sold in Los Angeles.  Through the years, we have learned to say, “Yes Chef”, which sometimes has put us in difficult situations, but also opened doors to discovering so many interesting things.  Our respect has continued to grow for our chefs and we have learned that it is very difficult and satisfying to work with the best and be a little part of the whole creative process and amazing industry.

We are amazed every day at SOS Chefs at all variety wonders nature has to offer.  We thrive on bringing the first, and best of what is available from the bounty of the world.  We try to stay connected to all of our customers and their suggestions and to keep learning at the same time about so many little products that only people that travel and love food can push the envelope that much further.  We want you to come and visit, taste our selection, and pick up a little gift at SOS Chefs.