A Set for Valentine’s Day

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We’re big believers that love is like water - you need it all the time .

For this year in particular, we wanted to curate a Valentines gift set that can be both a powerful expression for your love, as well as ours.

This gift set combines indulgences for all of the senses, and can be the start of making new and wonderful rejuvenating rituals which will help to inspire more LOVE to every beautiful day that follows after.





.cupid blend- A perfect tea blend using Blood Orange, goji berries  & Hibiscus for Madame .

.hot stuff - A chili blend that will warm up your intensions. 

.bleeding heart- Himalayan/ Egyptian salt infused with Jasmine for a few months to create a versatile way to use it; whether as a finishing salt to celebrate imagination or as a scrub to center your energy.

.berbere tea blend - A perfect tea blend based in Galangal & Szechuan peppercorns for Monsieur .

.date me honey - Deglet nour infused with Wild Flowers honey for your morning (or evening) inspiration.

.kiss balm- A lip and eye healer. 

.light my fire -A fragrant Oud and Frankincense incense to set the tone.








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